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YEAR 2007-08 - Highlights - Impact

YEAR 2008-09 - Highlights - Impact

YEAR 2009-10 - Highlights - Impact

YEAR 2010-11 - Highlights - Impact

YEAR 2011-12 - Highlights - Impact

YEAR 2012-13 - Highlights - Impact

YEAR 2013-14 - Highlights - Impact

YEAR 2014-15 - Highlights - Impact


 Years of systematically working towards highlighting various issues impacting children have gradually borne results. The Alliance has been able to ensure that a couple of hundreds of schools that were either closed or on the verge of closure were either reopened or continue to function. The Alliance has been able to highlight the status of different institutions like schools and hostels in the districts.  District administrations have begun to take appropriate measures to address those issues. The media has been effectively bringing forth the issues, creating awareness amongst the public. Infrastructure at schools and hostels is seeing an improvement. Thousands of children’s lives have been impacted because of better access to education.


The Alliance will continue in its efforts to bring change so that children’s lives are improved.