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PVCR played a key role in bringing together hundreds of NGOs, community based organizations and social activists to work on the issues pertaining to mainly children, and communities.  While organizing the district level campaigns, state level campaigns and special programmes like state level rallies, PVCR involved different NGOs and Networks at district and state level in order to give more thrust to the campaigns.

PVCR is aware that the more combined and concerted the effort is, the more effective the campaign and the advocacy on the issues.  Hence, PVCR also joined hands with important networks at state level like Right to Education Forum (RTE Forum), Campaign Against Child Labour (CACL), Campaign Against Child Trafficking (CACT), Network Against Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation in A.P. (NATSAP), M.V. Foundation, etc. and advocated for the Education and Protection rights of children.  PVCR would like to bring together various networks in the state to strongly advocate for the child rights.